Covid Updates

updated 09/04/2021


Please contact me for a booking (something I have not done in the past) during the day it is best to use either text message 0781 555 2069 or land landline 01733 396186. In the evening the email is best [email protected] This is just so we can all stay safe.


Hope everyone is safe and well.

As I live with my parents (both of whom are over 75) I must take some precautions.

My workroom door will be locked. I have a doorbell, so please use it (if I am working on my machine, I cannot always hear someone knocking). This also gives me chance to put my mask on.

In line with the current regulations, masks MUST be worn when entering Workspace House.

I may not be able to pin (due to social distancing), so please either pin the garment yourself (pins, safety pins, sticky tape, paper clips, hair grips, bull dog clips are all acceptable), have an amount by which the garment needs adjusting or bring a garment that is the correct size for me to measure. Ladies please do not ask me to make it a (i.e.) size 12, as sizes seem to vary so much from shop to shop.

If I am not in my workroom during normal hours and you need to contact me please use [email protected] rather than my mobile number reception is very poor where I live.

If you need to collect work, and I am not there please see/ask for James at reception and he will fetch the work for you

Thank you for your understanding.