Before and After repairs...

Before you throw your favourite item of clothing in the bin, perhaps something can be done to revive it! You might be surprised just what can be done! 

Reduce Trouser waist

When reducing the waist on trousers the only outward effect is that the belt loops are closers together. I undo the waistband on the inside, and the top of the belt loops, fold the trousers down the seam and press them flat, Put pins in crossways to keep the seams alighned, double stitch down the seat seam, Press open, overlock any excess fabric, Restitch the waistband and restitch the top of the belt loops

  • pre reduce trouser waist
  • post reduce trouser waist

    Torn burberry/barbour jacket ?

    I fin the best place to gain access, and undo all necessary seams, Stretghen the edges if necessary/possible. Fold and machine stitch the edges together, Put back all seams that have been undone. 

    • burberry repair before
    • barbour repair before
    • barbour repair before 2
    • burberry repair after
    • barbour repair after

      Repairing a hole in a blouse

      Repairing a hole in a dress is very similar to repairing a torn Barbour jacket. I stretchen the edges around the hole, machine a small dart to get over the hole and press. It depends on the fabric and pattern as to how invisible the repair is

      • before repair blouse hole marked
      • during repair hole
      • after repair blouse marked
      • post repair hole