Medal Mounting

Military medals cleaned and re-mounted service

I learned this skill at my old employer Harry Nobbs Ltd, Park Road, Peterborough.

I can also obtain most Bristish miniatures and replica medals, military blazer badges and ties. Medals issue by foreign Heads Of State can sometimes be a problem for me.

I can affix any badge to any uniform with military accuracy however I do not have military knowledge/training so I do ask that you advise me on the location(s) of the badge(s). 

Please get in touch if you would like to discuss how I can refurbish your medals.

Swing Style Medals

swing style medals

Court Mount Style

Military Blazer badges

military blazer badges

The Medal Mounting process

Pictured below are the various stages of the court medal mounting process (displayed are miniature medals)

arrange medals

loose mini medals

clean medals

cleaning medals

make backing board

medal backing board

backing board

backing board 2

backing board

backing board 3

attaching ribbons

attaching ribbons

attaching ribbons

attaching ribbons 2

fitting the bar/pin

fitting bar

checking that they are level

checking the level

re checking the level

re checking the level

tack medals down through board

tack medals down

the finished medals

finished product

Medal Price List

Please be aware that there has been a slight increase in the cost for alterations and for medal services which comes into effect on the 15th May 2023.